Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Post

I guess it is time for the baby post. On Feb 24th I went to my regular Dr. appointment, while I was there Parris asked the Dr if I could get started, I wasn't due for a few more days so I didn't think our Dr would agree to starting me. The Dr called the hosiptial and told me to go get checked in. Since we were not planning on having a baby that day Parris dropped me off at the hospital so I could get checked in while he dropped Collyn off to my mom and packed our bags.

By the time Parris got to the hospital I was checked in and all ready to go. four hours later we had our cute baby girl Brynn Pauline McCaul.

I have to say that I loved getting started. It was way better than sitting at home in labor for hours.

Right in the middle of me pushing, 2 window washers dropped in to clean the windows (I bet they got a good show). Parris, the Dr, Nurse and I were all laughing.

Mommy and Brynn After Delivery

Daddy and Brynn

Heading Home

Collyn Meeting His Sister

Playng Video Games



Andria said...

What a sweet baby!! I am so excited for you guys!! The story about the window washers makes me laugh!! What a way to have a baby!!

Our Family said...

those window washers that is funny!! you never mentioned them before. fun post. love you!!