Monday, February 16, 2009


Our stake did a Sadies Hawkens dance for Valentines. I ended up decorating Parris desk at work and asking him to the dance....he said yes!! Parris and I grouped up with Katie, Jason, Joe, Andria, Charle and Kelly. We ended up wearing Parris's basketball team jerseys as our matching shirts. It was so much fun, it kinda felt like we were back in high school. For those that didn't go to the dance really missed out but no need to worry there is always next year.
The guys enjoyed dancing with eachother more then their dates.... sooo cute

Cute Couples!!!!!
Joe and Andria
Katie and Jason
Us doing the Bunny Hop. I was in the front leading everyone, I was laughing and jumping so much that I almost wet my pants. I had to ditch out halfway through to use the bathroom. Katie had a bit of a freak out cause she was left to lead everyone and was not exactly sure how to do the dance( I didn't really know how to do the dance either, I'm just a good faker). Good thing Andria was there to help.

For our group picture we were posing by a kissing booth, the photographer failed to catch that in the picture.

After the dance my group and another couple Betsey and Caleb went to my house to play Rock Band all night. We had so much fun, I wish I would have taken pictues. Thanks for a fun night everyone... I can't wait til next yt.