Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Over the weekend Parris' family got together and went to Lagoon. We got there at 10am and left at around 10pm. It was a long day but all the babies did great and we had a lot of fun being with family.

Collyn and Reddek waiting in line for the rides. These two had a great time going on rides with eachother, I am so glad that they are close in age. They have come to be great buddies.
Our cute family riding on the train. Collyn loved seeing all the animals.Parris and Collyn going on the plane together. I ended up going on this ride with Reddek while Katie and Jason went on a ride together. I have to say this one is pretty scary and it's a kid ride.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Dawn

On Friday a bunch of girls from my neighborhood got together to have a party for the release of the book Breaking Dawn. The book was being released at midnight so we all got together to have some good times.

We started off the night by going out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe. We ended up staying there for 3 hours just talking and hanging out. I bet the people working that night were so thrilled we were there. Kristina and I at Mimi's waiting for our food.
After Mimi's we went over to Barnes and Noble to go join the activities they had going on, but by the time we got there everything was shutting down. So for the last 2 hours before the book was released we hung out on the lawn and made a Chevron run.
Stacey and Andria were so good to stand in line to get our books while the rest of us hung out and waited. Thanks guys!!!!
At 12:15 a.m we ended up getting our books. (Too bad I'm still on the 2nd book so I wont actually get to read this book for a few more months)